We are in the midst of a great spiritual war, the greatest in perhaps hundreds of years, and Christians seem to be only vaguely aware of it.

America has been the center of all greatness and goodness in the world for many, many years. Our missionaries carry the love of God to the world far more than any other nation. We send doctors and financial help to poor people around the globe. We are the first to respond to natural disasters, to help those in need. We have defended the world against tyranny and so much more. 
Now our country is being taken over. The single most dangerous force in our country is the media. By deceit they are manipulating the elections. The TV news stations, the news magazines, and the big tech, social media hide the crimes of men like Joe Biden and his son and they repeatedly suggest but never prove that our rightful president Donald Trump has done some foul deed.
These news sources, with help from the deep state entrenched political class have taken our honest and transparent elections from us. They count ballots in secret, not allowing the legal observers in and taping paper over the windows so no one can see what they are doing. 

We are supposed to pray for our leaders but the man in the White House is not a legally elected leader and in fact is not a leader at all but a mentally incompetent puppet while our righteously elected leader has been ostracized.
This is a battle between good and evil. It’s a battle between those who want transparency and those who want to hide what they do. It is a battle between those who have the spirit of God and the demonic, who want to be independent and separate from God.
This battle involves important issues like abortion, freedom to assemble in church, freedom to speak the gospel, and some have even been told not to sing, because it might transmit germs.

There is a quiet movement taking place behind the scenes. It’s an awakening and a stirring of the more conservative and Godly class of people.
But our churches generally have not caught on yet. They are mostly silent. They don’t make a stand. So they have become irrelevant to our society. I predict the number of people in church will remain low until they pull their heads out of the sand and begin to speak about this important issues.

I am doing it. I’ll write about these here and I’ll post them on alternative sites. Join me. Don’t become a victim. Be a leader. Say something.

Bob Singleton