Do you like God?

That’s a good question for all of us.

  • I am not asking if you are saved.
  • I am not asking if you go to church or if you study your Bible.
  • I am not asking if you have asked him to forgive your sins.

Think about it honestly. 
God is good but he’s also pretty judgmental isn’t he?
Isn’t that what everybody thinks?
All the crowds and miracles aside, would you like to go visit Jesus?
If God was on earth, in human form, would you want to have coffee with him?

There was a time I didn’t like God – or Jesus – same thing. So I wonder about you.
I believed in him. I went to church. I paid my tithe, got baptized, took communion, all that religious stuff. If you had asked me, I would have said God is good. He’s the very definition of good. What’s not to like?

But God’s invisible. I can’t see him with my eyes. I can’t hear him with my ears. Back then, prayer was nothing more than an irritation for me. I couldn’t pray. I wondered, what do people expect from me? What does God expect from me? What am I supposed to do? I can’t talk to God or anybody else like that. I will not play around. It’s got to be real.

How about you?
I don’t need your answer but be honest with yourself.

I have learned this. 
It was people that pushed God away, not the other way around. He wasn’t judging us. We’ve been judging him. That’s the way it’s always been. That’s how it is now.

All those old testament characters, all the conflict and trouble they had, that was a result of them pushing him away, not him pushing them away. We do it too. You and me. We push him from our minds and hearts.

We might find that God is friendly and likable but it’s got to be real. Finding out might be a trip.
The Bible is a book about other people learning to like God. Strangely, that’s always been a hard lesson for people to learn. God is not a disciplinarian. He’s not harsh.

God smiles when he looks at you and me, even when we do bad things.

He wants to change our hearts, and he can change our hearts, but he’s got to have them first and he can’t have our hearts unless we give them to him.

There are people around, and I’m one of them, finally I am, who have this appreciation for God, this affectionate love. We don’t need a structure. We don’t need protocols. We don’t go to church to find God. We go to church to be with other people who have also found him. And we don’t always find that. Sometimes we just find religious people, like I used to be. Why don’t you be the church for me, here and now. Or be the church for somebody else. Help us, or let us help you.
Speak the truth and don’t avoid. God will still like you.

Let’s give God a chance. Let’s trust God to be someone whose company we could enjoy. Let’s go to dinner at his house.
His door is open.