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If you have ever been made to feel less for having doubts or a different way of thinking than people who attend ‘regular church,” this place is for you. On this site we focus on building your relationship with God in a coffee shop, your living room, or wherever you are.

Gangs for God is a place for discussion and growth. You may be rough around the edges. You may come across as disagreeable. That’s ok. When iron sharpens iron, there will be sparks.

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“Whether you want to or not, you will have to take a stand in regard to the Revolution. It is on track to become the most significant recalibration of the American Christian body in more than a century.”
-George Barna, Revolution


Bob Singleton

I am an irreverent, heretical, worshiper. A devout skeptic if you will. A heretic for God. The scripture says to commune with God while you lay on your bed. It also says there is a spirit in man (all men) and (through that) God gives us understanding. I love challenging others to draw close to God in reality, not just through tradition.


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